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An International Publication and Seminar Company for Process Consultation



Process Consultation Inc. is an international publication and seminar company.

PCI is concern with business professionals and social dynamics of individuals and theIr involvement in a group relationship. Currently Process Consultation Inc.has been catering to the Japanese professionals and how their business culture differs to the US fields of Business Culture, Human Resource Management and Process Consultation. We hope to understand the cultural differences between US and Japan and how some of the practices in one country is different from other countries.

The term, "Process Consultant," originated from Dr. Edgar H. Schein. MIT professor. (see wikipedia link to his bio.)

Our three international lectures, all given by Dr. Schein, consist of the following:

  • Process Consultation- DVD (Seattle Washington, July 2011) currently available through Amazon
Upcoming Publications:
  1. Essential of Edgar H Schein - Process Consultation and Corporate Culture (San Jose to Tokyo)
  2. History of Human Resource Management and Career Anchors (San Francisco to Tokyo)

Process Consultation, is available on DVD through Amazon and has Japanese subtitles.

PCI has worked with other groups in the Organizational Development field: Lectures given in Japan by Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittel- CEO of RCRC (Relational Coordination Research Collaboration) and Professor of Brandes University And by Dr. Gerald Kominski Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Director of UCLA Center for Health Policy Research